Why Partner with EdYOUcation?

EdYOUcation is an organization at the forefront of a workforce revolution. We help top tier students better understand their future career interests while teaching them the professionalism that comes with working in a business. EdYOUcation helps promote businesses and corporations to our students by creating professional connections between them and our partners. 
EdYOUcation relies on its partnerships to help promote career development via Shadowships; the physical observation of a specific job, or business. We believe that students who receive firsthand experience will gain clarity and direction for their future, leading to higher rates of academic achievements and job satisfaction.
Partnering with EdYOUcation means businesses have a direct influence on the future of the company's workforce and the surrounding community. Allowing students an opportunity to visit your company is not only beneficial to them but is also an investment in the promotion of your business and its achievements.
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Partner Relationships

What we need

  • EdYOUcation is looking for partners who:

    • Allow shadowship dates for student observations

    • Are looking for a streamlined process to acquire the top local talent within the job application pool

    • Are willing to invest time in the development of their employees' careers


How it helps you

  • Partners with EdYOUcation receive:

    • A new efficient recruiting tool for your job needs

    • Ability to reach a narrower demographic of potential employment candidates 

    • Progress career tracking of potential talent

    • Development programs for current employees


Opportunities include:

  • Assess potential candidates' ability to fit within the company culture

  • Public relations within the community

  • Create excitement and interest in your company

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