Give Your Child a Head Start

EdYOUcation offers students the tools to get ahead professionally with opportunities to truly discover their passions!

Through EdYOUcation you can equip your child with a vast network of professional connections, and a chance to discover their interests. Students will be able to experience multiple careers first hand, helping them to create a clear and direct plan for their future.

Why It's Important

With the ever-increasing competition in the job market, EdYOUcation allows your student the ability to get ahead of the curve. Your child is much more likely to stick to a field of study in college if they already know which major applies to their interests, resulting in saved time and money. Students will gain tacit knowledge that only comes with working in the professional world. We offer a chance for your student to find their interests and help create a plan to make it into a career.

What We Offer

• Professional career profiles

• Connection network with hundreds of businesses

• Database of businesses and job information

• Shadowships; opportunity to visit job sites

• Professionalism training (interviews and etiquette)

Opportunites to explore multiple interests

• Networking with peers

How EdYOUcation Benefits Students
  • Learn valuable networking skills

  • Direct contact to businesses

  • Meet peers with similar interests

  • Discover new careers

  • Understanding of job markets

  • Essential social/professional skills

  • Learning values of hard work

  • Observing examples of professionalism

  • Potential job possibilities

  • Assembling profiles within companies

  • Plan of action for their future

What You Save

According to national statistics, there is a  75% chance a student will change their major (at least once) before graduation, which potentially costs thousands of dollars. By signing up with EdYOUcation, we offer the chance for students to know the career field they would like to pursue before seeking a college degree. EdYOUcation's goal is to save families time and effort by giving students direct access to on-site experiences as well as contacts within a professional field.

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