"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

The BIG Question:
Now is the time in your life when you must start making decisions for a career and the answer is not always easy or clear. The process of choosing a path for your future can be tough and filled with many unknown variables. EdYOUcation strives to help students not only find an answer to the "Big Question", but work with them to create a plan for their future. EdYOUcation offers step-by-step guides on planning your future, and opportunities to visit and directly communicate with businesses. Below is our 6-Step Self Reflection Questions that we believe will help you begin your journey toward success.

EdYOUcation's 6-Step Self Reflection:

What do I enjoy doing?

Discovering your interests is an important step when beginning your future career! EdYOUcation helps find your passion and combines it with professional opportunities.


What am I good at?

EdYOUcation is not only focused on what you enjoy doing, but what you're proficient at. We attempt to combine your skills and passion into a potential career!

Is there a market for it?

Our team of professionals research, explore, and contact businesses in your specific area of interest for you. When a match is found, EdYOUcation puts you in contact with experts from that field.


Does it require a degree/certification?

Many careers may require College degrees or specific certifications. Understanding these qualifications are paramount when starting your plan for the future.


What is my plan?

Creating a plan of action is the best way to reach your goals. EdYOUcation maps out a projected career path for you while giving you the tools you need on your journey to success.


Where do I start?

An important step most students lack is a clear starting point. EdYOUcation assists you in discovering your passions, researching the specific market, and maps out a step-by-step plan for you, all while giving you professional connections that will jump-start your path to success.

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